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Moroccan Bath (Hammam Maghreb)

Moroccan Bath Service in Dubai

Healthy Land Spa & Massage center in Dubai - Al Barsha has the Luxury Moroccan bath at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel - Dubai you can it find with the best Massage therapists From Arabic Countries and Thailand who provide the best skin cleansing and skin care services. You can have the best health for skin and body within the best spa in Al Barsha, and it is the only one that will offer you the best Moroccan bath near to Sheikh Zayed Road.

“We advise yo to try Moroccan bath in depth detoxification by eliminating toxins and polluting agent through perspiration. The Moroccan bath is done to clean , whiten and soften the skin. It improves the skin elasticity and it is an excellent anti aging treatment.In Arab countries, the Moroccan bath is popularly known as Hammam Maghreb. Its main goal is to relax people while their skin is being cleansed and soften. It is also believed that this bath can whiten the skin - visit us at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel near to Sheikh Zayed Road - Al Barsha”

Having completed with the shower the next step, which clients like, is a relaxing massage. It gives client a real different feeling and sensation. A few clients go just for the moroccan bath, while others take the whole package of the bath with the massage. The massage is done after 20 minutes from the bath to give successful outcomes. The moroccan bath takes 45 minutes and the moroccan massage around takes an additional 1 hour

At Health Land Spa our goal is to provide the best Moroccan bath in Al Barsha - Dubai to enjoy a refreshing body and exfoliate the skin, to get smooth and supple skin. Call us and book your place as soon as possible, and we promise to leave the best memories at Health Land moroccan bath in Al Barsha - Dubai